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YS Credentialing PLLC manages payer enrollment for Health Systems of all sizes and specialties in the U.S. In addition to managing payer enrollment, she briefs payer enrollment team members on industry trends and is the liaison for the multitude of departments impacting payer enrollment processes.

YS Credentialing PLLC, guides organizations in developing and implementing best practice guidelines and processes; analyzes revenue cycle management; and formulates credentialing and payer enrollment structures.




Yesenia Servin, CPMSM, PESC

With over 22 years in the healthcare industry, Yesenia’s experience includes government payers, commercial/private payers, durable medical equipment, hospital and health systems, community mental health organizations, global managed care, and other healthcare providers and organizations. Yesenia is a current Team Med Global collaborator, TMG University faculty member, NAHRI Leadership Gold member, and NAMSS member. She is a current & past NAMSS Educational Conference guest speaker and current trainer for The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She is a current & past trainer for Training Leader International.

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