The payer enrollment specialist; whether one with decades of experience or one more recently trained, brings revenue-saving collaboration, reliability, and results to the organization.

Payer enrollment professionals understand the nuances involved in their daily work, which is why executives and human resources recruiters should focus on recruiting trained and experienced experts. A payer enrollment specialist provides real industry solutions, and understands that the best way to serve a client is by listening, learning, and untangling the organization’s intertwined layers. There aren’t any shortcuts. It takes years of experience and innumerable hours of research to grasp the field’s complexities.

When you decide to outsource credentialing & enrollment tasks, skilled payer enrollment specialists know how to pinpoint the pain areas – whether they involve medicaid plans or advanced practice practitioners – implement compliant processes, and deploy efficient enrollment tools and resources. They understand that each payer has unique operational directives and know how to conform to each payer’s requirements.

f you resolve to bring the credentialing & enrollment tasks in-house; the need for a solid foundation of training should be your first priority. With the right training your team will gain effective tools and techniques that they can use to continue the work of the organization. They learn and develop living processes, research abilities, and solutions-focused analytical skills.

We can assist you in either scenario.